Off Road Grading Codes



The Australian National Four-Wheel Drive Council (ANFWDC) has adopted a new track classification code which is supported by Four-Wheel Drive QLD. (FWDQLD) This concept is to create uniformity between Clubs at State level.

The ANFWDC Track Classification Code is as follows: -

GREEN  - All wheel drive, high range and standard road tyres.

BLUE     - Mainly high range but low range required and standard road tyres.

BLACK  - Mainly low range and standard 4WD clearance. All terrain tyres. Driver training or assistance is a benefit.

RED   - Low range and high ground clearance. Mud terrain tyres. Appropriate recovery equipment and experience required.

The Mackay Land Rover Club Inc (MLRC) incorporates this code with our current trip grading as per the following examples:-

Grade 1 / GREEN           Very easy with little, if any 4WD.

Grade 2 / BLUE An easy 4WD trip but some low range may be required.

Grade 3 / BLUE A medium grade 4WD trip, some low range required.

eg: Low range because rocky, rough track.

Grade 3 / BLACK           A medium grade 4WD, mainly low range required.

                        Caution required due to excessive washouts, steep inclines.

Grade 4 / BLACK           A fairly difficult 4WD trip, low range required, winching possible.  All terrain/off-road tyres recommended.

Grade 5 / RED               Extremely difficult 4WD trip, winching, high clearance required.  Off-road tyres necessary, appropriate recovery equipment and experience required.